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Lambuth Family Center



In 1987, The Salvation Army Lambuth Center opened on the top floor of Downtown Denver Service Center as a short-term transitional housing facility.  Initially, there were just seven families living in single-room housing and sharing two baths among them. Subsequently, The Salvation Army obtained a building that was previously used as a nursing home. After the facility was remodeled, the facility opened its doors to 20 families in 1993.  Today, Lambuth Center has been open for more than 10 years and houses more than 160 people per year.


The Lambuth Center is more than just a shelter; instead it tackles the root causes of homelessness and helps break the cycle of poverty. The Lambuth Center's objective is to help homeless families in crisis to become self-sufficient and obtain either permanent or long-term housing.  The unique program uses a holistic approach and offers families flexibility, stability, and a place where they can develop the necessary skills to become self-sufficient.


  • Variety of families (parent and child)
  • Only facility in Denver that allows single Dads and kids

Demographically broken down into these categories:

  • 42% Caucasian
  • 25% African-American
  • 23% Latino/Hispanic
  • 9% Native American
  • Capacity is 20 families.
  • Average length of stay: 5 to 6 months.
  • In 2003, 167 people lived at Lambuth Center


Many of the families have mulitiple reasons that caused them to become homeless. The most pervasive challenges for homeless families are low paying wages and lack of affordable housing. For some the lack of education is connected to their low wages, and many do not foresee a way out of their poverty cycle. Breaking the cycle through a paradigm shift in their thinking and helping them to become self-sufficient is the biggest challenge.


  • Meals: Approximately 175,350 meals were served last year: 3 meals a day
  • Lodging: 20 single-rooms, most have private baths
  • Developing Job Skills
  • Education: GED prep program & Life Skills
  • Counseling
  • Needs Assessment
  • After-School program for children above elementary school
  • Church services (optional)
  • The facility provides shelter and an opportunity to become self-sufficient

 Location: 2741 North Federal • Denver, CO  80211 303.477.3758