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Lambuth Family Center


Since 1887, The Salvation Army has been meeting the needs of those in the Denver community. Each year WE ARE THERE for more than 100 families who find self-reliance at our Lambuth Family Center.


In 1987, The Salvation Army opened the Lambuth Family Center as a short-term housing facility supporting seven families at a time. Today, the Lambuth Family Center houses up to 20 families at a time in a long-term transitional housing program.


The primary goal of this facility is to help families break the cycle of poverty and homelessness and to begin building a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle.


Each year, The Salvation Army’s Lambuth Family Center provides:

12,014 Nights of lodging

25,000 Meals


Participating families are provided a private room and three meals a day. Intensive case management begins as soon as a family is accepted into the program with an assessment that identifies the root causes of homelessness and what skill areas need to be addressed for both the parents and children.


Many people would be shocked to find that 64% of Denver’s homeless population is people in families with children. That is why The Salvation Army’s Lambuth Family Center is there to help get families back on their feet.


Parents can access valuable life skills classes during their stay. Parenting skills, job readiness, nutrition, food safety, and financial literacy are offered to establish the skill sets necessary to secure employment and remain in permanent housing after graduation.


All parents in the program are required to obtain employment within the first 60 days after moving into the center. Once employment is secured, families begin saving 50% of their income, which will be used to help them cover rent, utilities, and other expenses associated with long-term housing.


Lambuth Family Center strives to provide a safe and warm environment for the entire family. The resource room offers books, games, and computers for use by children and parents. The Salvation Army works to create a sense of normalcy for children through birthday celebrations, family movie nights, and holiday parties. A large playground is available to encourage physical activity.


Transitional housing is available to families in need for up to a year as case managers continue working with the families to meet their goals.